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Tabuk Cellphone shop robbed on Christmas

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga — A cellphone shop in Purok 3, Bulanao lost around P159,882 worth of cash and phones to robbers who broke into the MJC Accessories store late night of December 25.

In an initial investigation, the Tabuk City Police Station reported that at least two to three people have forced their entry into the MJC Accessories at around 10:00 PM on Christmas, but the incident was only discovered this morning of December 26.

Personnel of the Scene of the Crime Operatives Kalinga were able to lift and develop 5 latent prints for examination.

The staff of the said shop told the police they used three padlocks to lock their shop before they went home around 5:00 PM on December 25. However, when they returned to work the next morning, the locks were already destroyed.

In the inventory made, at least 11 cellphones with a total worth of P75,897 and P83,985 cash were missing.

Padlocks sawed off

In an interview with Ivonie Dawing, the owner of the Drug Store beside the said shop, she narrated that she heard noises, and something being sawed off at around 10PM on December 25. However, she thought they were the staff of the other establishment beside them.

“Naariwawa da, ngem haan ko inexpect nga takaw ta close-open iti inar-aramid da. Kunak nu dita gasul shop iti mangmangngeg ko,” she said, adding she didn’t think it was the MJC accessories because she’s aware that the said shop uses lock that produce sound when somebody holds or touches it. But that night, there was no alarm.

Additionally, she messaged a staff of the said establishment, but it was already early morning of December 26 when he replied saying he was at their house and didn’t sleep at their establishment that time.

Meanwhile, a staff of the MJC accessories mentioned that the suspects didn’t get the expensive cellphones, “hindi nila kinuha yung mga mamahalin. Kinuha nila yung mga nakatumbok tumbok.”

MJC accessories Officer in Charge, Gerald Bular, shared that for two years since they opened the shop’s branch in Purok 3, Bulanao, this is the first time they have been robbed.

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