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Tanudan conducts corn and rice monitoring to combat possible crisis brought by pests, diseases

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Tanudan, Kalinga – Monitoring of rice and corn pests and diseases in this town is continuously being conducted to help farmers prevent, cope or deal with the crisis should their crops get affected.

This is regularly done through the Office of Municipal Agricultural Services under Municipal Agriculturist Clarita Dinulong.

According to Tanudan Agriculturist II Salvador Balicao, the Office of the Municipal Agricultural Services is keeping an eye on the possible attack of pests and diseases, especially during the months of January to March, when pests and crop diseases are usually observed. The monitoring, he said, would also help prevent further spread to other farms in the area.

Balicao said that the activity aims to immediately detect if a farm is affected by such scourges. And once discovered, the Office of Municipal Agricultural Services of Tanudan would be providing the needed technical assistance and recommendation for the farmers to immediately respond to the problem.

He added that it is important for farmers to be alert when such pests and diseases attack so they could immediately apply proper interventions before they spread.

“Awan a nu haan ta agapan, isu a nu ma-monitor ket dagus adda matakwatam nga apektado, dagus a maagapan bago pay umado,” he explained.

As of press time, Balicao said that no farms in Tanudan have been infected by such pests or diseases.

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