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Victim of "eat and run" in Baguio City's warns other restaurants of the modus

Baguio City, Philippines – A restaurant owner in Baguio City recently took to social media cautioning fellow eatery owners on tourists who engage in “dine and dash” modus.

"Dine and dash" is a type of theft by fraud in which one or more customers order and eat food and drinks from a restaurant or other similar business with the intention of not paying.

The restaurant owner became a victim of said modus on Sunday, August 28, by group of fraudsters who left without paying for their meals.

In her social media post, the owner who refused to be named, relayed that a group of tourists entered their restaurant on August 28 to eat.

After dining, one of them went directly to the counter and instead of paying, inquired from the cashier the price of some ‘pasalubong’ items displayed at the restaurant. While distracting the cashier, his companions left the establishment.

The restaurant’s staff then cleaned up the group’s table in preparation for next customers with a thought in mind that the one who headed to the counter is already paying their bill.

None of them realized that the guy only went there to buy a bottle of ‘chili’ and exited the area after.

As to their bill, the owner disclosed it is more than P2,000.

Though they have with them CCTV footages showing the individuals’ faces, the owner said they are no longer posting it and highlighted that they just posted the incident on social media ‘for other establishments to be aware of the modus.’

"In conclusion, I, together with the staff, crew and management would rather take this incident as a part of learning, though we have the faces caught by our CCTVs but it isn't enough to make or do such public shaming to this people, we would rather take this as a challenge that being more vigilant and alert would be the key as to how we would control the crowd,” the restaurant owner said.

“We posted the incident not to shame people but for other establishments to be aware of this modus… I would rather pray for this people that hopefully they would change and might as well wish them advance merry Christmas,” the owner added.


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