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Want to work in Europe? LBP Global soon to open opportunities

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – LBP Global Employment recently announced plans to open job opportunities for skilled work, hospitality industry, and other jobs in various sectors in the Philippines, with a special visit to Kalinga.

The company is working with POEA-licensed partners in the country to assist skilled Filipino workers in pursuing their career paths through suitable work overseas.

The company has visited its recruitment partners in the Philippines, and one of those is in Kalinga.

LBP Global Employment is a Poland-based comprehensive recruitment firm specializing in the hiring of workers from the Philippines and a member of Business Network International, Business Centre Club, and Regionalna Izba Gospodarczaw Katowicach among others.

In an interview, Lumen Panabe Bovbjerg, CEO/Chairman of the Board, said the company knows that Cordilleran people are hardworking and provide quality output. With this, they thought of considering partnering with a recruitment office and a training school here in Kalinga.

“Alam natin na masisipag ang mga Cordilleran. At pag meron namang opportunity para sa ating mga kababayan, then we offer them first. Kailangan lang na maka-establish tayo ng partner schools willing to teach and train applicants in the European standard and work expectations para prepared sila once they get to Europe to work,” explained Boybjerg.

During the meeting, Business Development Managers Szymon Konupek and Marek Zmijewski from Poland expressed excitement about the project.

Konupek said there are already a number of Filipino workers in Poland, and they know how they work. European companies also mentioned the favourable attitude of Filipinos towards performing their job. Thus, they thought of opening some doors to others who might want to work overseas.

Zmijewski added workers shall be taken care of as the company has a mechanism for support, relocation, job matching, and assistance for reassignment in case problems arise during employment or when early termination of the contract happens.

“We will not abandon the workers after they get a job. We will be in contact, and we will monitor to provide necessary help all throughout their stay in Europe to work,” said Zmijewski.

Types of skilled workers needed

The company is looking for individuals who can work in Metallurgy and other metal works, Production and warehouse (food, clothing, furniture, electronics), Agricultural Holdings (farming, livestock, fruit growers, gardeners), Construction (carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, painters), and in Logistics and Transportation (Lorry and heavy equipment operators).

LBP Global expressed its commitment to finding the right people and providing job opportunities.

The company underscored that workers shall be protected and guided in getting jobs that suit their skill set.

The company currently deploys workers in 5 countries – Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, and Germany.

LBP Global Employment hosting a Job Fair Summit Conference in November

The company disclosed that they are hosting a job fair summit conference on November 23 this year. The conference shall be held at Katowice International Congress Center Plac Slawika I Antala 1, 40-163 Katowice Silesia, Poland. This conference shall be participated in by about 500 potential employers with an estimated 15-20,000 job orders.

Europe is short of skilled workers and job opportunities may open doors to the employment of skilled Filipinos.

The job summit aims to inform European employers of the competitive advantages of hiring Filipinos and orient them on protocols and procedures in hiring. It is also expected that with the event, the shortage of employees in Polish European Companies will be addressed.

The company said they will focus on getting workers to Poland and later the rest of Europe in places where the door has been opened for employment of Filipinos.

In their visit to the Philippines, LPB Global Employment made a courtesy call to their partners, who are POEA recruitment licensed. They likewise visited different government authorities in charge of deploying migrant workers for proper documentation, to adopt the labor law of both countries. Top government officials in the employment sector are the guest speakers.

The following day, Nov. 24, shall be investors matching night where businesspeople discuss economic development, attracting Polish investors to invest in the Philippines as well as Philippine companies looking for investment opportunities in Poland.

LPB Global is a member of 4 leading business associations as they are in support of the business to fill the shortage of employees and provide jobs for Filipinos.

Talks with TESDA accredited training school in Tabuk City

On Tuesday, Christine Wangdali, President of Business and Engineering School of Technology (BEST) accredited by TESDA met with the officers of LBP Global Employment for preliminary talks regarding possibilities of partnerships on training applicants for overseas employment.

Wangdali said BEST can be one of the avenues for the preparation of workers once all documents and necessary steps have been ironed out.

Developments on the plans for LBP Global Employment shall be published in this media channel.


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