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'We can’t afford to lose more lives’ - Baguio student councils

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Baguio City, Philippines – Students from the different universities in Baguio City united in their appeal to the city officials, requesting for an academic break for the tertiary level from November 12-17.

Their statement reads “we can’t afford to lose more lives just to boost our institution’s academic achievements,” emphasizing the need for a moment of respite for mental health.

The student councils asked that there will be no synchronous and asynchronous classes and a non-compression of requirements on said dates through a letter they wrote to Mayor Benjamin Magalong, Congressman Mark Go, and SK Federation President, Levy Lloyd Orcales on October 30.

In the said letter, the student councils from Saint Louis University, University of Baguio, University of Cordilleras, University of the Philippines – Baguio, and the National Union of the Students of the Philippines Cordillera stated that the call for an educational break within the institutions started when Typhoon Maring hit Northern Luzon to give way for learners who are severely affected by the tropical storm.

Apart from this, the students also acknowledged the confirmed suicide cases due to academic pressure and some rumored cases that are still under investigation. They wrote that regardless of the number, the lives of two youths who took their own life due to the said reason is alarming.

Additionally, the student council stated that their physical and mental health is being compromised with the piled-up academic requirements since they are not getting enough rest and quality time with themselves and their family, even on Sundays.

The student leaders also mentioned that some universities remain silent amidst ‘endless for academic breaks’, ‘daily’ calls on social media and numerous letters and emails from the student council.

“The Baguio City’s Student Council believed that continuing with the online classes and requirements, while fully aware of these factors, would have an undesirable result. Students’ mental health is affected when they study for long periods without taking breaks and compromise their studies. We can’t afford to lose more lives just to boost our institution’s academic achievements,” the students wrote.

‘We will be meeting with the different representatives of the schools’ – Mark Go

Meantime, in a response to the letter, Congressman Mark Go through his Facebook page wrote that he and Mayor Magalong and Councilor Orcales will be meeting with the different school representatives this week.

Also, the congressman informed that they will also be holding meetings with school heads to discuss the matter.

“Aside from academic break, we need to work for a holistic solution to the problems faced by all stakeholders. We need to be able to take care of students’ well-being hand in hand with the well-being of our teachers and academic institutions,” he wrote.


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