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“We do not tolerate any form of abuse towards children” – DepEd Kalinga on teacher hitting students

Tabuk City, Kalinga – The Department of Education - Kalinga released a statement Tuesday, September 6, highlighting that the agency does not tolerate any form of abuse towards children.

This came after a video of a teacher from the province shouting and hitting two pupils made headlines in various media outfits on Monday, September 5.

In the viral video, it showed that while the two learners were answering math problems on the blackboard, the teacher suddenly approached and beat their back and later twisted their ears while shouting at them.

The teacher was furious that the two couldn't answer the simple math problems correctly.

This angered netizens on Facebook, with some demanding stiff punishment.

DepEd-Kalinga, who acted immediately on this matter, claimed to have already visited the school where the incident occurred to conduct an investigation.

There, they learned that the incident took place sometime in April this year.

The agency, however, refused to disclose any more information as they await the decision of Dep-Ed Regional Office regarding the case.

“The result of findings shall be forwarded to the regional office of DepEd CAR for appropriate action,” Dep-Ed Kalinga stated.

With said incident, the agency is reminding teachers and even non-teaching personnel ‘to subject their words and actions to the highest ethical and professional standards at all times.’

“Teachers, as public servants, must always maintain a safe and nurturing environment for students, free of physical, verbal, and other forms of abuse and discrimination,” the agency stressed.

In celebration of the Teachers’ Month this September 5 to October 5, the agency vowed to continuously strengthen its policies and capacity–building activities to further support its advocacy of safeguarding students from abuse of any kind.


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