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Where is the list of beneficiaries affected by impending Public Market demolition in Tabuk City?

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Councilor Zorayda Wacnang, during the Sangguniang Panlungsod Regular Session on Thursday, October 28, moved for the crafting of a resolution asking for the list of beneficiaries who are affected by the Bulanao Market Demolition in favor of the private developer, XRC Mall, and thus, were supposedly given lots in Callagdao.

Additionally, the councilor said that the list of those who opted to avail of the stalls in the new market and the list of an inventory of existing stall owners and residents in Bulanao Public market should be made known.

This also came after the body decides to craft a resolution addressed to XRC Developers and the office of the City Mayor to provide copies of documents to include the lease of contract, the memorandum of agreement, and other pertinent documents with regards to the mall construction in response to the request of Kalinga Apayao Religious Sector Association, Inc.

According to KARSA, said documents should have been made public by concerned offices.

As explained by the local legislator, one of the conditions in the authority of the city council to enter into the XRC development project is an inventory of the existing and legitimate stall owners of Bulanao Public Market.

“Ta malagip yu apo, one of the conditions in our authority to enter into the XRC development project is an inventory of the existing and legitimate stall owners, so may I move that a resolution be also passed, asking for the list of beneficiaries - diay naikkan ti lote ken dagidiay na-grantan ti kasla nga stalls,” she said.

“Remember, during idiay press forum, imbaga da nga adda dagidiay beneficiaries en for the lots in Callagdao ken dagidiay han nga mangkayat nga who opted to get stalls, adda kanu met lang iti listaan da,” she added.

In an interview, Wacnang reasoned out that her motion was made ‘to make the whole process transparent to the public and insulated from politics, adding that having a different or contrary opinion or stand regarding the XRC Development should not, in any way, affect the determination of who the beneficiaries are’.

She added that her action is also ‘to ensure that the pronouncement that no one will be deprived of their source of income and livelihood, is complied with in good faith and make sure that the condition set in our authorization - that priority is given to current and legitimate stall owners after proper inventory - is followed’.

Councilor Wacnang, as recalled, has also requested a copy of the contract of lease between Tabuk City LGU and XRC Developer during the press forum but during the Regular Session, Wacnang informed that to date, she did not receive a copy of the document.

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