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2 pickpockets with a baby caught stealing cellphone in Baguio City

Baguio City, Philippines – Two pickpockets with a baby were caught in the act of stealing a cellphone from a potential victim along Session Road in Baguio City, the Public Order and Safety Division (POSD) - City of Baguio reports.

Based on the POSD Facebook post on April 28, 2022, a POSD personnel noticed a young woman with a baby digging inside the backpack of another woman in front of her. They added that they observed a man trying to cover the ongoing offense from behind.

The woman carrying a baby is said to have successfully taken the cellphone from the victim’s backpack without the latter noticing it. Then she hid the phone under the blanket covering her baby.

Right there, the law enforcers approached the two and brought them to Baguio City Police Office- Station 7 for interrogation.

The pickpockets initially denied the incident, but the woman with a baby later admitted to committing the crime and told the police that the man covering her is her accomplice.

While they were being interviewed, one of the law enforcers saw a cellphone radiating inside the woman’s pocket due to an incoming call. It was then the woman confessed that they stole the gadget.

Subsequently, the police discovered another stolen cellphone from the man when they asked the latter to temporarily surrender the gadget he was holding. The authorities found that the phone belonged to another victim when they answered an incoming call.

The cellphone owners appeared at the police station to file theft charges against the two.

Based on police records, the two were previously charged with theft in 2017. A security manager of a mall in Baguio City informed the police that the two are ‘notorious pickpockets’. The manager added that they would always bring a baby with them as cover.

The POSD urged the victims to press charges against the thieves even if they were able to recover their stolen belongings.

“Serial criminals are able to continue victimizing people when they are forgiven and not charged for the crimes they commit or when cases filed against them are dismissed due to abandonment by their complainants,” a POSD personnel said.


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