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300-meter access road in Dupligan, Tanudan now usable

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Tanudan, Kalinga – The constituents in Sitios Bawac and Darulog in Dupligan, Tanudan could now experience better, convenient and comfortable travels when passing through the 300-meter all weather-road in Bawac after its recent completion.

According to Mayor Jaedicke Rhoss Dagadag, said access road was funded through the Office of Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang, following a municipal resolution he submitted requesting its funding from the national government.

The project was allotted with P10 million fund.

Dagadag said that prior to the concreting of the road, flood control was also constructed in the area with a P14 million budget from the Office of the Congressman.

The mayor said that the area is prone to flood during rainy days, “nu pinagtutudo ket dumakkel diay karayan iti mga siguro 6-7 meters ket aglayos ket ibusen na ngay iman diay daga isu nga idi adda iti flood control na ket medyo napintasen.”

After the concreting of the access road and the construction of the flood control, Mayor Dagadag hopes that the proposed bridge in the area will be funded next so that the people will no longer have to pass through the river as they travel to and from work.

“Ngem iti problema tayo tatta ket awan pay rangtay na ngay. Diay pungto na gamin diay dalan karayan, awan piman iti rangtay na isu diay iti idawdawat tayo ta diay iti mangtaktaktak met lang nu uray napintas iti kalsa,” he said, adding that he already coordinated with the congressman about the funding of said proposal.

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