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3KM road in Pangol, Tanudan opened by Mayor Dagadag

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Tanudan, Kalinga — With his desire to immediately address his constituents’ needs, especially those concerning the new road, Mayor Jaedicke Rhoss Dagadag recently initiated the opening of a 3-kilometer road in Liyang, Pangol utilizing his personal resources.

The municipality, having been dependent on its Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA), does not have enough funds to cover all the development needs of all the people in Tanudan, the reason why the mayor had been using his personal resources to provide for the unfunded immediate needs such as road clearings and openings.

John Ryan Awingan, Executive Assistant to Mayor Dagadag informed that the mayor used his own equipment, provided fuel, and shouldered the labor for the road opening in Liyang last week.

Awingan narrated that the people in Liyang Pangol had been using trails, hiking for around 40 minutes before they could access the paved road to avail of the transport services.

But with the opening of the 3-kilometer road that connects Sitio Liyan to the highway, vehicles can now reach the sitio and the people will no longer have to endure walking for nearly an hour just to get to the paved road.

Additionally, Awingan said that it is now easier for the constituents to bring their agricultural products to the market at the same time. It is easier for them to bring in their needs to their area.

“Haan da unayen marigatan ti agricultural products da a mangiruwar ken haan da unay a marigatan a mangiyuneg met kadagiay kasapulan da a gat-gatangen da ti kabangibang nga ili like Tabuk,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a statement, Mayor Dagadag expressed that he is going to source out funds from outside and that they will see if they could allocate a part of their IRA for the concreting of the road.

“Nabayag a tawen a tatta lang nga adda kalsada da a medyo nasayaat ta anya ngay ket opening pay lang. Di bale ta ag-source out tayo ti pondo wennu iyan-anay tayon tu ti IRA tayo for concreting na dagita i-op-open tayo a kalsada a libre,” he conveyed.

Dagadag also committed to continuously share his resources to the people, “sapay kuma ta napigsa nak latta a kanayun tapnu makita ken matulungak dagiti kakailyak ti kailangan da karkaru dagita dalan da ta marigatan da unay. Isunga ikabil ko amin ti kabaelan wennu dagiti personal nga resources tayo tapnu matulungan isuda,” he added.

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