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60 year-old Peace-pact between Lubuagan, Kalinga and Peñarrubia, Abra revived

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Lubuagan, Kalinga – Indigenous Cultural Communities (ICC) from Lubuagan and Peñarrubia, Abra celebrated the warming of their 6-decade Bodong or peace pact at the Awichon Cultural Village on April 23 and 24, 2022.

Said Peace Pact was made between Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Saclag of Lubuagan and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Omnas of Peñarrubia in 1960.

After six decades, descendants of the two couples and their tribemates gathered on April 23 and 24 for the pre-Galiged Chi Bodong that started with a formal program, followed by the discussion of the Pagta, socialization between the two tribes, and a cultural dance and music presentation.

Highlighting the occasion is the amendment to some provisions of the Pagta that Saclag and Omnas crafted during their time. These provisions will be finalized when the two tribes would soon gather for the purpose.

Alonzo Saclag Sr., the son of Francisco Saclag, explained during the event that there is a need to amend the rules to suit the demands of current situations. He asserted that a lot of intermarriages have transpired and people of different tribes have met each other and worked together.

He also pointed out that time has passed and a lot of changes happened in the community, explaining that water and boundary disputes which were common reasons for conflicts in the past rarely exist now and that there are other issues that have resulted in conflict amongst ICCs at present.

“Sample daytoy nga aramiden tayo a sukatan tayon dagiti kwa [daduma a rules] ta itatta nu naka-marijuana iti tao tatta, isu iti pumatay. Nu agsigsigarilyo daytoy iti marijuana wennu nakashabu isu pay diay diyak ammu iti aramiden na iti sangaili na a napintas a balasang. Ket idi, awan diay. Nu nilumnok iti tao iti balay mo, full protection. Masapul nga awan iti dakes a maar-aramid,” he said.

Start of Bodong between Lubuagan and Peñarrubia

Alonzo recounted that the Bodong between Lubuagan and Peñarrubia tribes was forged because of business. He recalled that one time, their father was sitting in their front yard when people from Abra came to their house with their beads and their products.

“Tinulungan ni tatang da isuda a naglako , kapilitan mairanud met da nanang kenni tatang ta adda met ganansiya da ah ta ilako da kasin. Itatta dagiti taga Lubuagan, mapan da met agangkat wennu gumatang idiay Abra,” he recalled.

To protect the business between the two tribes, the Bodong was made with Saclag and Omnas being chosen as Bodong holders of their respective tribes.

“Natayen dagiti umuna a sipat holders. Adda tayon a mangitultuloy ta ammu tayo met a pagbiyagan, pagsiyaatan ta tatta a tiyempo iti importante ket diay makaadal dagiti ubbing, nga agpasyar tayo a libre, naganas kuma iti biyag iti amin,” he concluded his message.

Peñarrubia reconnecting with Lubuagan

Cory Omnas, the grandchild of Fred Omnas, shared that they grew up not knowing who their parents and grandparents had forged a peace pact with. It is why when they learned about the Bodong of Peñarrubia and Lubuagan, they looked for contacts until they were able to reconnect with the Saclag family.

“Dakami dimakkel kami a di mi ammo nu adda ka-Bodong iti nagannak kada apo mi ngem di madamdamag mi nga adda Bodong iti Peñarrubia ken Lubuagan, inbaga ni manong ko a kontakem dagitay nu sino iti mabalin a makontak,” she recalled.

After contacting the Saclag family, they were able to meet in Manila, and they were able to gather in Lubuagan during a ‘Pusipos’ event.

“Nu anya iti kinabara iti panagsarabo da kanyami kasta manen apo tatta a di agbal-baliw iti panagi-inayat, panagkakabagyan ti Kalinga ken Peñarrubia. Sapay kuma apo ta haan a maputputed daytoy nga ugali ti Peñarrubia ken Lubuagan nga agsisinakit uray sadinno iti ayan tayo nga lubong,” she underscored.


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