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Abra puts forth strategies as isolation facilities reached maximum capacity

Abra, Philippines – Abra Governor Joy Bernos informed that apart from the Abra Provincial Hospital’s isolation building, isolation facilities in barangays and municipalities in the province have also reached their maximum capacity.

“Napunno amin nga isolation facilities ti barangays, municipal ken probinsiyal paka-iramanan ti pasdek ti provincial hospital tayo,” she said.

To solve the said issue, Bernos is considering the utilization of school buildings for asymptomatic patients.

With their current situation, she pleads to Abrenians to stay at home for seven days and encourage them to keep using face mask even if they are inside their homes.

“Agpapakaasi ak latta ka probinsyaan. Please agtalinaed ti balay. Madama nga umado nga umado ti positive cases tayo. Masapol mi iti cooperation yo ita nga kanito. 7 days man nga agtalinaed kau uneg balay yo, agusar kayo ti facemask uray adda kau uneg ti pagtaengan,” she said.

Currently, the province of Abra is placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine to curb the increase of Covid-19 cases which is expected to last until Tuesday, September 7.

Abra has a current record of 532 active cases with new cases of 132 recorded on Thursday, September 2.

Meantime, to solve the inadequacy of treatment facility or area, the provincial government set up PINK TENTS at the Abra Provincial Hospital (APH) compound this Friday, September 3, 2021, to serve as a temporary quarantine area for individuals awaiting swab results.

The pink tents shall likewise serve as a temporary treatment area for Covid-19 suspects while waiting for rooms in the isolation building to be vacated.

Bernos clarified that patients are still given choices if they opt to stay at the temporary treatment area or go to other hospitals.

“Ipakaammo ti PHO a napunnon dagiti pasilidad ti APH para kadagiti pasiente ti COVID-19 gapu iti umad-adu a kaso ti COVID ditoy Abra. Dagiti COVID-19 Extention Facility iti ruar ti APH ket mausar para kadagiti masuspetsa nga addaan COVID-19 wenno dagiti agur-uray iti confirmatory test result,” the LGU said.

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