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All residents in Santa Marcela, Apayao are eligible for FREE medical services

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Santa Marcela, Apayao - Santa Marcela District Hospital (SMDH) has been providing free medical services to the residents of the municipality, informs one of its staff at the Local Health Board meeting held at the LGU Santa Marcela Kiosk on Sept. 28, 2023.

These free medical services include laboratory testing, consultations or check-ups, and accessibility to some free pharmaceuticals.

In an interview, an SMDH employee showed the program has been operational since 2019, but their services were then limited and solely focused on indigent patients.

Beginning this year, the hospital has officially provided free services to anyone who needs them.

Furthermore, any indigent patients who are confined will no longer have to worry about their bills or prescriptions because they will be charged to Philhealth and DOH funds through Medical Assistance for Indigent Patients (MAIP).

According to the information presented by the SDMH, clients are assured of medical help as the Department of Health's financial aid must be disbursed within a year through various medical services and initiatives.

What is more, is that the Apayao provincial government likewise offered additional funding for SMDH endeavors.

The SMDH then encourages residents to get to the hospital for their medical needs, bringing a certificate of indigency and a valid ID for those who were unemployed, and a barangay residency certificate and a valid ID for those who were employed.

The free medical services program is in line with President Ferdinand Marcos' objective to foster a productive and healthy community by bringing the healthcare system closer to the people at no cost.



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