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Amount of Marijuana seized in Kalinga in 2021 reached P1.2 Billion

Tabuk City, Kalinga — The amount of marijuana discovered and seized in Kalinga in 2021 tripled with P1.28 billion total dangerous drug board value compared to 2020 with P.4 million.

Data from the Kalinga Police Provincial Office revealed that operations against illegal drugs increased in 2021 with 132 positive accomplishments, while there were 103 positive operations in 2020.

Of these 132 operations last year, 31 are buy-bust; 16 search warrants; 7 warrants of arrest; 11 from checkpoint operations; 11 police response; and 58 marijuana eradications.

From these various operations, a total estimated amount of P1,280,425,283.00 illegal drugs were discovered in the province. This is much higher than the P440,802,514.52 in 2020.

Majority of the amount of seized and found illegal drugs in 2021 is marijuana-related with P1,279,962,532.00 total worth. The remaining P463,652.00 are shabu.

Meantime, Kalinga Police Provincial Director, Police Colonel Davy Vicente Limmong mentioned that with the number of eradicated marijuana plantations in the province last year, they believe that this lessened the number of plantation sites.

He added that these eradicated sites are being monitored and that the police go back to these places to check if there are new marijuana plants that re-grow or if the area is again cultivated with illegal plants.

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