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Baguio 911 recorded 22,000 prank calls since it began operation in 2021

Baguio City, Philippines – Around 22,000 prank calls have been recorded by the Baguio City 911 emergency line since it went live on October 12, 2021, says an official overseeing the smart city command center.

Executive Officer V Felipe Puzon of the City Mayor’s Office said that said number of prank calls surmounted the number of the legitimate calls.

In a report by the Baguio City Public Information Office, prank calls continued to dominate the newly established emergency line, which is why the city government has recently issued a warning, saying that these prank calls can be traced and tagged.

“Prank calls made through Baguio 911 can now be traced and tagged. Perpetrators are liable under applicable laws. Please use Baguio 911 only in reporting emergency cases. Let us be responsible citizens,” the warning stated.

Puzon, who is overseeing the smart city and command center, revealed that at least four names are now identified for the filling of appropriate charges while 700 are being validated and will be pursued and investigated.

To report emergency cases such as crime, fire, accident, Covid-19 and suicide concerns and other emergencies in Baguio City, the 911 could be accessed through direct telephone calls or through the

All concerns brought to the attention of said emergency number shall be received by the command center and the information shall be forwarded to the appropriate offices after validating the information from the reporter of the incident.

The 911 line is open 24 hours every day.


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