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Baguio LGU urges boarders to report unsafe, unsanitary boarding houses

Baguio City, Philippines – Baguio LGU urged house tenants and boarders in the city to report a boarding house or any accommodation establishment with unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong through the Public Information Office-City of Baguio advised the public not to hesitate to inform them of said issues through Baguio in My Pocket (BIMP) app or through the permits and licensing office hotline 619-3984.

Magalong added that they may also report through these hotlines - 09184880195, 09278587272, 0744449217, or to the Facebook page of the Baguio City Health Services Office or email at or

The city government, according to Magalong, could give due process to those establishment owners not obeying rules; however, he reminded that they cooperate in implementing corrective measures for safety and sanitation standards.

Last August 11, the city LGU conducted initial inspections of accommodation establishments around the city.

With the assessment, the inspector team discovered that 15 boarding houses located in barangays New Lucban, T. Alonzo, and ABCR violated health and sanitation rules as well as building code compliance.

This prompted the city to ask the public to report unsafe and unsanitary conditions of boarding houses for their safety.

The city has 31 dormitories, 21 lodging houses, 1,773 boarding houses, 1,398 apartments, and 543 transient houses listed in its registry of permitted establishments, according to the permit and licensing division (PLD).

Meantime, the Public Order and Safety Division (POSD), Smoke-Free Unit, Sanitation Division, Population Division of the Health Services Office (HSO), City Permits and Licensing Division City (CPLD), and other concern agencies agreed to make the inspections of boarding houses regularly to check the establishments' compliance with health and safety laws to ensure a homey, safe and conducive environment for the boarders.


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