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Baguio pushes for installation of ramps along sidewalks for PWDs

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Baguio, Philippines – Baguio City officials have requested for the inclusion of cut-out curbs and ramps in the sidewalk renovation to make the streets of the city accessible and more convenient for persons with disability.

In a report, the Public Information Office-Baguio City cited that Mayor Benjamin Magalong signed Resolution No. 447 series of 2021, asking for the Cordillera office of the Department of Public Works and Highways, DPWH-Baguio City District Engineering Office, and the City Engineering Office to include cut-out curbs and ramps using non-skid floor materials in the renovation of sidewalks.

This is to aid visually impaired individuals and persons with disabilities, especially the persons using wheelchairs to move around without unnecessary inconvenience.

Meantime, through the Walkable City program of the local government, tactile pavements were installed in some sidewalks within Baguio for the visually impaired.

The city council observed that while the tactile pavements are helpful, there is still a need for a facility to cater the wheelchair users as well as the persons with mobile disabilities dues to either age or infirmity.

Moreover, persons with disabilities show their support to the proposed installation of tactile pavements in various sidewalks. However, there must be direct consultation with the different groups for them to express their issues and concerns to ensure said pavements are properly installed to avoid unnecessary incidents that may harm the public.

Meanwhile, the public works department and the local government decided to remove the tactile pavements that were installed in critical portions of various sidewalks to avoid future accidents that may pose threats to public safety.

As provided, Republic Act (RA) 7277 or the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons was created to facilitate the integration of disabled persons into the mainstream of society and to advocate and encourage respect for their sector.

Further, Batas Pambansa Bilang 334 or the Accessibility Law with its implementing rules and regulations provides minimum requirements for accessibility to promote the realization of the rights of disabled persons to participate fully in the social life and the development of the societies in which they live.

Additionally, to enhance the mobility of disabled persons, it shall also include architectural facilities such as sidewalks, ramps, and railings.


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