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Baguio warns motor shops, carwash centers violating sanitation laws will face shutdown

Baguio City, Philippines – The Baguio City government said it will implement the closing down of motor shops and car wash centers found violating the sanitation code of the city, Baguio PIO informed Tuesday, July 19.

Permits and Licensing Division Chief Allan Abayao said the statement on closing down erring auto establishments stemmed from the final warning made by Mayor Benjamin Magalong against those observed violating the sanitation code.

In his final warning, Magalong asked owners to ensure the cleanliness of the surroundings and to install oil traps to protect rivers and the environment from contamination.

In 2021, the same warning was issued by the mayor after he found most motor establishments in the city were not observant of the sanitation code, adding majority of the establishments were dirty, disorderly and practicing improper disposal of their toxic materials including used oil and chemicals.

The environment code of the city of Baguio requires auto repair and carwash establishments not to conduct their business anywhere near or at least ten meters away from roadsides, pavements, drainage lines, creeks, rivers, gulleys, and streams.

Under said code, owners or repair shops are instructed to install appropriate catchment and receptacles for used gas and oils that must be properly placed in sealed containers and disposed of through authorized means.

“Carwash owners must construct/install a treatment facility like septic tanks with grease separator before water is disposed to the drainage line,” the code provides.

City Ordinance No. 7, series of 2009

Aside from the sanitation code, the city has city ordinance no. 7, series of 2009 which requires carwash establishments to have a separate drainage system for water used for washing vehicles.

The drainage system should prevent the used water from going directly to the canals, rivers, street gutters or storm drains.


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