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Barkada Goals: 3 friends from Luba, Abra graduate from PMA, PNPA

Updated: May 8, 2023

Not all friendships formed in childhood or high school stay connected over time. Many of which grow apart with changes and distance, but not for three friends from Luba, Abra who proved that “even though life takes us on different paths, true friendship endures.”

As told by Police Cadet Kenneth Jay Tul-ing on his social media page, he grew up at Sitio Bangel in Poblacion village of Luba town in Abra with his other two friends – Jorim Catulia and Jaelord Dan Bangisan.

Coming from families earning their living through farming, the three friends had to sell scrap metals during their recess in their elementary days for them to gain money for snacks. When they reached high school, they worked in farms and construction sites to earn extra money.

After their secondary school, Jorim and Jaelord went to study engineering in Baguio City, while Kenneth headed to San Fernando, La Union for criminology course.

Despite their distance, the three stayed connected with one another.

In 2017, Jaelord decided to join the Philippine Military Academy. Later that same year, Jorim and Kenneth took the entrance examination of Philippine National Police Academy. Both of them passed, however, only the former was able to make it to the final list. Though feeling disappointed, Kenneth still cheered for his friend’s success.

After graduating from criminology, Kenneth took the Civil Service Examination and the Criminologist Licensure Examination and passed. He then tried another shot in entering PNPA. He was successful in his second attempt.

In 2020, Jaelord graduated from PMA. Two years after, Jorim graduated from PNPA.

As for Kenneth, he is now set to graduate as Dean’s and Commandant’s Lister of PNPA on Friday, March 10.

“They worked hard and supported each other through the ups and downs, proving that hard work always pays off,” Kenneth said as he ended their story on his now-viral post.


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