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“Be vigilant, stay updated, ensure security of properties”- Kalinga DRRMC

Tabuk City, Kalinga - With the onset of the typhoon season, Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (PDRRMC) chairman and provincial governor Ferdinand B. Tubban is again appealing to the public to ‘be vigilant, stay updated, and secure their properties.’

Communities, he said, should be well prepared and well informed, especially those in high-risk areas to prevent any damaging consequences of calamities such as floods and landslides brought about by continuous rain or typhoons.

Harvey Calilung of the PDRRMC reiterated this in a radio broadcast underscoring that “the provincial government cannot do this without the help of our community,” thus, the public, he appealed, must also do their part to save lives and properties during disasters.

Calilung said that a simple act like cleaning of own backyard helps. He likewise urged everyone to stay updated with the weather through various platforms, such as radio, social media, or trusted websites.

“We are adamantly asking na makialam po, be very vigilant, coordinate with the local barangay unit and be diligence, ensure that your house or properties are secured,” Calilung added.

He said that the PDRRMC is geared towards making all local government and communities in Kalinga resilient by being well prepared with coping capacity to any hazards “especially at this point that we are struggling with pandemic.”

To realize this vision, the council initiated a caravan, visiting each municipality and city to evaluate their local disaster risk reduction preparedness and to recommend and assist if needed.

Meanwhile, Governor Tubban, during the launching of the caravan at Tinglayan, commended both the municipalities of Tinglayan and Rizal for their compliance on disaster recovery plan.

The council as part of the caravan will soon visit Pinukpuk on July 13, Balbalan on July 21, Pasil on July 22, Lubuagan on July 23, Tanudan on July 27, and Tabuk City on July 28.


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