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BFP Tabuk tends plants in city’s center islands, parks

Updated: May 15, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – With the scorching summer heat in the city, the Bureau of Fire Protection included in their duty the watering of plants along the center islands and parks to save them from drying up.

As of today, March 14, the city has a temperature of 36 degrees celcius, which is considered very hot.

Acting City Fire Marshal SINSP Ronald Rivera said that despite their red alert status due to the rising grass fire incidents, they accommodated the request of the city and provincial local government units to water the sapless plants around the city.

Rivera said that they have scheduled to water the plants at the Rizal Park and along the center islands in Dagupan and Bulanao every other day.

“Every other day, ta we have limited resources, daytoy fire truck mi kasla pagsisinublaten mi lang ta naka-red alert kami ta daytoy pu-puor tatta,” he explained, adding that they will look into watering the plants at the Provincial Capitol Park as well.

Said activity will continue until the rainy season to make sure the plants will survive the extreme heat that the city is experiencing.



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