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Jail facility in every town in Kalinga being considered

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga - The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) Tabuk District Jail is considering the construction of a detention facility in every town in the province, to address the possible congestion of police detention cells in the near future.

Tabuk District Jail JO2 Alma Bangibang conveyed this idea following the recent lot donation from the local government of Tanudan for the construction of a jail facility in the locality.

Lubuagan has also donated a lot for its detention facility.

Bangibang said that their office is fast-tracking to lobby for more lot donations from the municipalities of the province, so they can request funding from the national government for the construction of the detention facilities.

“Kasi hindi natin masasabi for next years, dumakdakkel ngay ti jail population, diyay trend na talaga mag-increase kasi in the society a kunada, garud crime is a social phenomenon so sa society mayroon talagang crime,” she said.

In Kalinga, the Tabuk District Jail is the only facility accommodating those deprived of liberty (PDLs). The structure is located in a 1 hectare area with 4-storey dorm for males, 3-storey dorm for females, and areas for different activities.

Moreover, Bangibang underscored that the establishment of detention facility in every town will further promote and intensify their agency’s vision on safe keeping and development programs.

“Mayroon tayong inmates welfare development, kasama sa welfare and development activities is alternative learning system, so yung mga hindi nakapag-aral outside, pwede pong ituloy dito, high school or elementary level tapos pag natapos bibigyan sila ng accreditation and equivalency test pag nai-pasa bibigyan din sila ng diploma,” she related.

The Bureau has also therapeutic community modality program, a day-to-day activity of the inmates, livelihood programs which depends on their skills, and physical activities.

As of now, BJMP Tabuk District Jail has more than 195 PDLs detained in the facility.


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