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Blind man files charges against Baguio POSD chief, personnel

Baguio City – Madino Codasi, the blind man accused of violating anti-jaywalking policy filed charges this November 27 against Baguio City POSD Chief Marvin Herrera and two personnel, Norman Wanas Jr. and a certain Gaki, for issuing a citation ticket to him.

The issuance of ticket happened on November 21 when Herrera and his staff caught Codasi and his companion crossing a prohibited area.

Codasi filed the charges at the Commission on Human Rights and the City Prosecutor’s Office for violation of RA 7277 as amended by RA 9442, RA 10175, (the law granting rights and privileges for Persons With Disability) and Article 353 of The Revised Penal Code (the law against libel).

“Because of the incident I felt ashamed of myself as a PWD and I thought that I was being lowly looked upon because of my disability. Thus, I hardly slept that night and the other night that followed,” reads the complaint.

He also pointed that the statements given by Herrera through the media, including that of Bombo Radyo Baguio interview, their official statements, and other social media posts were deliberately libelous, defamatory, and totally false.

Herrera in the interview said he didn’t believe the person is totally blind neither is he deaf, adding that his personnel know how to determine those who are in need of help and those who just simply violate traffic rules.

“In sum, the actions of respondents vilified me as a member of the PWD community and it brought me to lose my self-esteem and the Facebook post of the POSD continues to this day to incite ridicule against me as a person with disability,” Codasi added.



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