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Butbut and Betwagan strike deal to inspect disputed boundary before Christmas

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Butbut of Bugnay, Tinglayan and Betwagan of Sadanga, two tribes facing boundary dispute are set to get together before Christmas for an ocular site inspection of the disputed area along with the Philippine National Police, Armed Forces of the Philippines, and other line agencies hoping for a positive result.

This came after the two tribes together with said agencies convened in a peace dialogue presided by Cordillera Police Regional Director Brigadier General R’win Pagkalinawan this December 3 at the Camp Juan M Duyan.

Kalinga Police Provincial Director Colonel Davy Vicente Limmong, in an interview, hopes that this will finally settle the conflict.

“Before Christmas ket we will be conducting ocular site inspection with the representatives again from both tribes and to be witnessed by the different line agencies ... and hopefully by that point, they will be able to agree on boundaries and immediately mai-map kuma,” he said.

“[Now] bareng they will come up with peaceful agreement ta ti kunkunada ket boundary ti problema da, maresolve daytoy maysa nga issue then we can tackle other issues nga kayat da nga iparang,” he added.

The dispute between the two tribes has long been going and according to Limmong, it has been an on and off conflict.

Just this February, the Bodong agreement of the two tribes was broken after a shootout with both sides accusing the other of firing the first. After this, Limmong said there was an alleged attack from the Betwagan that injured one from Bugnay. In July 2020, a man from the Betwagan tribe was shot dead allegedly by the other tribe. After this incident, another person was injured on the side of Bugnay.



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