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Christmas in Kalinga, Zero Crime incidents

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Tabuk City, Kalinga — Christmas Day observance in the province is generally peaceful with zero crime incidents reported, this is according to Kalinga Police Provincial Director PCol. Davy Vicente Limmong.

“It was generally peaceful, so far no report of any incident including traffic. Hopefully tuloy tuloy na ganon ‘til new year,” he said.

Limmong added that the main contributory factors to this could be still the limited movement and prohibition of mass gatherings due to the pandemic.

“On crime incident, so far contributory factor latta diyay limited movement and mass gathering iti tattao, diyay siguro iti dakkel nga impact na,” he said.

Additionally, he also said that it could be attributed to the information campaign before the holidays on firecrackers that conditioned the public. This was why no firecracker injury was recorded as of yet. Moreover, only a few identified firecrackers are allowed to be used.

“Kasi iti expected tayo ket adda iti mainjured kasjay ngem so far [awan pay] … santu ditoy ayan tayo medyo daytoy Christmas ket medyo haan met nga mayat iti panawen, so nu agpaputok ka ket idissum, [since] nagtudo ket nabasa matay nga dagus [diyay paputok],” he said.

Further, the Kalinga Police Provincial Director said that the uniformed personnel in Kalinga is full alert this coming New Year as the celebration is notably bigger.

“Full alert latta, maximum presence and visibility iti kapulisan tayo and to prevent dagiay madi nga incidents, pre-emptive measures latta iti araramiden tayo,” he said.


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