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Cong. Mangaoang affirms role of IPMRs towards culture protection, development

Tabuk City, Kalinga - Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang stressed that every Indigenous People Mandatory Representative (IPMR) in the province plays a crucial role in establishing the legal framework to chart programs for the development and protection of the Kalinga culture.

Mangaoang in his message during the General Assembly of Kalinga Indigenous Peoples Legislators Organization today, July 12, pointed out the need for the Municipal IPMRs and Barangay IPMRs to recognize and be knowledgeable about the history of their respective locality.

“Nu amin- amin tayo kuma a barangay IPMR, Municipal IPMRs ammuen tayo ti history ti munisipyo tayo, syudad tayo, ammuen tayo kuma ti history ti barangay tayo tapno nu apan ka maki-discuss ket ammom ti ibagbagam para sumayaat ti maysa ili,” he expressed.

“It is to be emphasized that this legislation is vital in establishing the legal framework policymakers and line agencies to chart programs for the development and protection of our culture. That is why we are able to pass 17 bills all of which were geared towards the protection and achievement of the interest of our indigenous people,” he added.

Mangaoang conveyed that the mandates of an IPMR to function in every level of the local legislative body play a vital key, ‘of which, they are very much sought in every spectrum of local governance such as in conflict resolutions, cultural preservations and advancement, and even in the formulation of required academic curriculum for an indigenized knowledge system.’

He further related that the IPMR is a workforce that could be relied on because of their awareness of the ordinary as well as the remarkable matters that have a direct bearing on the interest of the community.

“Believe that an IPMR will reverse that impression. The cultural bearing and upbringing that command your best efforts within yourselves, the same is true to me. Like every one of you, the toughest mandate is laid upon our shoulder as the representative of 14 to 18 million indigenous people all over the archipelago,” Mangaoang stated.

Meanwhile, Mangaoang mentioned that the establishment of the Provincial Heritage Center that includes the Provincial IPMR office will soon be realized and will serve as the central place of gathering for the welfare of the people.


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