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Cong. Mangaoang underscores combating illegal drugs through prevention and rehabilitation

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang stresses importance of prevention and rehabilitation in the fight against illegal drugs, saying that there will be drug abuse if there are still drug dependents.

Mangaoang delivered this during his recent visit to the Police Regional Office Cordillera in La Trinidad, Benguet.

The congressman, in his message, enjoined everyone to remain united in the fight against illegal drugs, as it is everyone’s concern. He also added that the campaign should put emphasis on prevention and rehabilitation.

He explained that even all the sources of illegal drugs were collected and destroyed, for as long as there are drug dependents, there will be drug abuse.

“We should prevent any new prospect to be hooked on drugs and we must rehabilitate those who are already addicted. The bottom line is if the buying stops, so does the selling,” he said.

Mangaoang commends PNP and PDEA Cordillera

Meanwhile, the Kalinga Congressman has acknowledged the continuous efforts of the Philippine National Police and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in the region.

“The Cordillera policemen are a complete package of the heroic character that you see in movies and real-life stories. Isuda data mabuybuya tayo kenni Cardo Dalisay iti Probinsiyano,” he said, adding that the same review holds through the PDEA, which is one of the busiest law enforcements, as among the focus of the current administration is the eradication of illegal drugs.

“Our PDEA regional office is one of the most challenged regional offices given the fact that the supply chain of marijuana emanates from our region but despite that, we have seen how our PDEA confronted the problem with ease and dedication,” he added.

‘Your reward is the joy you receive in making a positive impact’

Meantime, the Congressman urged the men and women in service to perform their duty with honor, reiterating that their reward is the joy they receive in making a positive impact on the lives of the people they meet.

“Always remember that the nobility of your profession can be found not just in what you do but why you do it and, most importantly, how you do it, always do it with honor,” he said.

Mangaoang further encouraged PROCor to continue bringing pride in the region, “kindly notice that the iconic seal which defines the bravery of our ancestors in defense of our land and our heritage is the same badge pinned on your chest today,” he said.


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