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‘Denying existence of corruption (in Tabuk City) won’t solve the problem’ – Atty. Comafay

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

After the voters’ education media forum last week hosted by the City Information Office, Atty. Errol Comafay Jr., one of the strongest bet and an open critic of corruption in the City, took to social media advising people on how corruption could be solved.

Comafay stated “The first step in solving corruption in government is ACCEPTING that corruption exists.

DENYING the existence of corruption will not eradicate the problem.”

During the voters education forum, Guru Press Cordillera asked the candidates for Mayor, Vice-Mayor, and City Councilors the same question: Is there Corruption in Tabuk City?” How do you propose to solve it?

Surprisingly enough, there are those who categorically said NO even in front of the camera and a live audience. These candidates did not believe there is corruption in Tabuk City.

This situation, according to Comafay in a phone interview, is saddening and it reflects the behavior of the people who can easily be lied to by the politicians. It appears that some politicians in Tabuk are comfortable with corruption and that it is no longer a problem because they do not see it as a problem.

“Ang pinakamahirap makakita ay ang mga taong nagbubulag-bulagan. Ang pinakamahirap makarinig ay ang mga taong nagbibingi-bingihan. Ang pinakamahirap na gisingin ay ang mga taong nagtutulog-tulugan,” stated Comafay.

Comafay, however, believes that Tabukenos are wise voters and that they know the truth and they will vote according to their conscience.

“Ammok adda prinsipyo ti taga Tabuk. Dagiti pasurot ti kurap isuda ti adda ti social media nga mangibagbagga nga awann kurapsiyon wennu ok lang ti kurapsiyon. Ngem dagiti agtatalna nga ammo da dagita nga nakurap nga oberprice nga naggatgattang, they will vote to change these posliticians who support and keep mum about corruption,” said Comafay.


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