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Destinations in Kalinga part of “Find Yourself in the Cordilleras” travel ad

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Destinations in the Province of Kalinga shall be included in the Department of Tourism-Cordillera project dubbed “Find Yourself in the Cordilleras” – a travel ad that showcases travel destinations in the region aimed at boosting domestic tourism.

With this, the department will be visiting tourism sites in Kalinga from June 22- June 25, 2022 to take videos and photos demonstrating new and unique tourism experiences.

The making of the new ‘Find Yourself in The Cordilleras’ travel ad is in preparation for the safe and gradual reopening of the tourism industry in the country.

In an interview, Provincial Tourism Operation Officer Christalyne Balicao said the ad seeks digital promotion of Kalinga and other provinces to strengthen its position as a haven for ecological and sustainable tourism activities.

The production team in-charge will be filming the Tabuk City roads and some highlights of the Matagoan Festival .

They will also visit Buscalan Tinglayan and will take footages of the oldest mambabatok.

Awichon Cultural Village will also be a part of the tourism ad featuring the village itself and the GAMABA Awardee, Alonzo Saclag, Sr.

After said shoots, the team will take videos of the white-water rafting activity along with the coffee processing demonstration at the Daguitan Tangkib Eco Village.

At TRAAK ranch, the team will be filming all-terrain vehicle rides, camping by the lake, kayaking, bonfire activity, viewing of sunset by the lake and the cook-out activity.

The cook-out activity, as disclosed by Balicao, is another program by the tourism agency in their pursuit to establish a culinary heritage tour circuit in the region.

The cookout gets a traveling chef and a local chef in Kalinga to work together in preparing Kalinga dishes, which includes ‘binungor’.

The show highlights food creative innovation while putting emphasis on local produce and ingredients.

The traditional pottery making in Dalupa and the banga dance which the locality is known for will be added.

The team may also visit Balbalan for the filming of the Banao Protected Landscapes once arrangements are made and if weather conditions in the municipality permit.


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