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Dr. Ana Tubban emphasizes women’s role in shaping community during Women’s Month Celebration

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – The first lady of the province and a Women’s Right Advocate Dr. Ana Tubban highlights women’s role in the society, not only as a mother and a wife, but also for their role in shaping the life of their children and the community.

She said that shaping the life of the children to become better citizen in the community starts at home.

In a message during the Provincial Women’s Month celebration on March 08, 2022, Dr. Tubban, expressed that a wife and a mother must have to understand the situation of their husband and children, especially with the stress brought about by the difficulties during the pandemic.

She explained why at times domestic violence at home happens where commonly the women and children are the ones abused. This, she said, could be because of the challenges that their husbands are facing in this time of difficulties. To avoid such incidents, Dr. Tubban shared that wives should not cross the limit of their husband’s anger.

As some parents grew up adopting the old practices, such as gender stereotypes in nurturing their children, this could affect their growth and roles as citizens in the community.

Dr. Tubban explained that this might have an influence on the reasons behind having a dysfunctional family, affecting the home environment. As a mother and a role model of their children, she said that they should always support their husband and teach their children to respect their parents, elders, LGBTQ+, and younger girls so that they will not cause problems in the community.

“Support lang tayo sa ating mga asawa, sa ating mga anak naman turuan natin sila to respect people, parents, elders (lolo at lola), LGBTQ+, batang mga babae,” Dr. Tubban said.

She added that part of a woman’s role is to boost their children and husband’s confidence in the things that could mold them as a better person, and not become an abuser. She said that since outdoor activities were limited, families should take advantage of indoor activities to bond and be together.

“Yun ang role natin to support our children, our husband in times of pandemic para hindi sila maging abuser or para hindi sila maging perpetrator, kasi dahil sa sitwasyon ngayong pandemic parang giyera, hindi makalabas sa bahay, minsan brown out pa, so maraming bagay na pwede nating gawin, siguro tulungan natin ang mga anak at asawa na maki-bonding. This is an opportunity to bond with the family, eto yung panahon na ano pwede kayong mag-usap o di kaya’y magbiruan. Kasi sa sitwasyon ngayon talagang nalimitahan lahat ang activity natin,” stated the first lady.

Dr. Tubban further advised fellow mothers to be vigilant to protect their families from possible wrongdoers.



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