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Duguiang to focus on youth, health, peace and order, long-term infra development

Updated: May 16, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Newly-elected City Councilor, Engr. Marc Rainier Duguiang plans to focus on youth, health, peace and order, infrastructure development, now that he is given a seat at the Sanggunian Panlungsod.

The 26-year-old son of the late Kalinga Governor, Atty. Macario Duguiang laid out his platforms through his social media page and detailed each in his interview with the press.

Empowering Youth Sector

Duguiang pointed that while there are already established scholarship grants for the youth, he plans to craft measures to increase their benefits and ensure that the process in selecting the beneficiaries are strictly followed.

“Kanayon da nga ibagbaga a “backer backer” kunkuna da a kasdiay. Ket kayat tayo a daytoy a process ti panagpili ti scholar ket matutukan tapnu masurot nga usto diay proseso, tapnu mas nasimpa, haan kuma nga gapu iti pulitika. Adda kuma iti standardized kuma nga diay deserving talaga ang mabibigayan at yung tama talaga. Kasi maibaga a corruption metlang kung may kinikilingan,” explained Duguiang who won as the top two in the recent SP electoral race.

Also, part of his platform is the inclusion of alternative education for the out-of-school youth and provision of assistance to the graduates while they are looking for work.

Duguiang likewise seeks to elevate participation of youth organizations in local plans, community building and leadership through skills enhancement trainings.

Accessible Healthcare and Increase of Health workers’ Incentives

Relating his experience during his rounds in the barangays, he said that he discovered that healthcare facilities such as clinics and health centers are in need equipment and medicines to perform effectively.

Since the barangay health workers are the first aiders in the community, he said that it is but right for the city government to prioritize health care capacity-building for them to serve better.

Further, Duguiang recalled the appeal of the health workers, asking for an incentive increase. Their call, he stressed, are valid for them to perform quality service.

“Adda dagidiay dedicated a public servant, pero we owe it to them. Masapul a maikkan da met a ti deserve da nga incentive so that the quality of service met lang ket mas nangato, mas maengganyo da. So kayat ko nga agbiruk iti wagas a ma-standardized kuma a dagitoy incentives da, tapos naynayunan pay iti dagiti skills training tapnu mairuwar dagiti kaya da pay nga aramiden tapnu met a quality service. Aramiden tayo iti anya man a way tapnu mapapintas tayo pay ti quality ti services,” underscored the new city councilor.

Peace and Order

According to Duguiang, development of communication strategy is a must to improve coordination with essential institutions enforcing peace and order.

In addition, he vowed to encourage inter-disciplinary dialogue and deliberation of major issues and problems affecting the peace and order system of the city.

Long-term Infrastructure Development

The candidate highlighted that the city government should also check and implement impact projects that will last long, and avoid those that are only good for a certain period of time.

“Nu mabalbalin met lang kuma agtitinnulong iti city, province, DPWH ditoy planning ti entire city tayo. Haan lang kuma a within 2, 3 years nu diket 100 years, pang long-term.

Kasla idiay Japan, dagitoy dadaan a cities, idi pay lang, napanunot dan nga agaramid ti canal ta ammo da - 1800s ket nagaramid dan ti canal da. Kasdiay kuma met lang a nga panunuten tayo iti pang long term,” added Duguiang.

Moreover, the second youngest councilor hopes to ensure that the government will be fair in the implementation and distribution of projects.

“Example, priority project da, agaramid ti bumbaan, why not nga adda prioritize iti dakdakkel nga pang-amin idiay barangay. Haan nga diay, small tapos pagnanayunen da.

Haan lang kuma a maysa lang a purok ti agbenefit, diay mas dakdakkel kuma…tapos diay awan met lang kuma mapilpili wenno mailaklaksid nu panggep iti panagited ti project. Haan nga gapu iti alliances,” Duguiang expressed.

He acknowledged that he is no expert in such field, but he listens to the people’s advice and made research on how to deliver effective ways in crafting laws.


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