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Farmer-group in Rizal, Kalinga reports success of goat production project

Rizal, Kalinga – Not all farmer organizations benefiting from government projects can tell a success story, but there is one in Rizal, Kalinga province which started with few goats and able to reproduce them.

The Calagango People's Association Inc. (CPAI) produced 28 young goats – 15 does, 13 bucks this July after being given 70 does and 14 bucks in October 2021.

Several does given to association were reported pregnant, thus additional offspring are expected in the next months.

The association is one of the beneficiaries of the P1.3M goat production project in 2021 along with Romualdez Farmers Association.

The goat production project was awarded by the Department of Agriculture through its Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program in 2021.

According to SAAD-Kalinga, the association crafted a policy in which members give to the group the first female offspring for their planned goat multiplier farm.

As the multiplier farm is not yet done, the young goats planned to be passed on will be sold in the meantime to interested CPAI members.

The profit from selling the goats will serve as additional income for the group, while the young goats serve as additional breeder stocks for members.

In a statement, one of the members expressed gratitude to the implementers and for the program as the project became one of the farmers’ sources of livelihood.

“Agyamyaman kami ti SAAD ta adda namnamaen mintu nga nayun nga pag-inkaman, malaksid ti mais ken saba, nu umad-adu pay ti kalding mi dituy barangay mi,” Rosalyn Biado told SAAD-Kalinga.

Meantime, aside from the goats provided to the group last year, SAAD-Kalinga awarded dwarf coconut, grafted mango seedlings, assorted vegetable seeds, and farm equipment to them.

“[This serve] as additional livelihood assistance for the start-up of their impending enterprise,” DA-SAAD Kalinga said.


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