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Fire victims in Tabuk City receive DSWD-CAR, PSWD-Kalinga assistance

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Tabuk City, Kalinga – To lessen the troubles families and their members are going through, the Department of Social Welfare and Development-Cordillera and the Kalinga Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office, on Thursday, September 9, provided assistance to victims affected by recent fires that destroyed homes and properties.

Assisted were five families from three households in Bulanao. Each family received sleeping kits, 25 kilograms of rice, hygiene kits, family food packs, and kitchen kits.

Previously, DSWD-CAR gave P10,000 each to the three households.

Judith Puday of PSWDO Kalinga said that another cash assistance from the province is now being processed which will later be given to the victims.

Erwin Siagan of DSWD-CAR said that the assistance is part of their regular disaster response done in collaboration with the local SWD offices.

“Adda gamin ti partnership mi a disaster response from DSWD, PSWD ken CSWD a nu adda ti disaster ket agkikinnoordinate kami ta uray saggabassit a tulong , nu matipon-tipon, ket dumakkel ngay, so kastuy ti inaramid mi a pinagtitipun mi ti [assistance nga ited mi],” he said.

“Amin a resources a mabalin nga ited iti pamilya nga affected by disater ket pinagtitipun tayu tapnu nu maited kinyada ket dakkel ngay ti impact na,” he added.

He explained that assistance was provided per household, but they included separate assistance for the other families that lived at Laguinday’s residence that was burnt on August 28.

When asked about the current situation of the fire victims, Siagan said they are temporarily staying with relatives, while the Bulaay family is still at their home since the fire left the concrete first-storey part of it. He said the family temporarily covered their roof with a canvass (tolda).

Meantime, Executive Assistant to the Governor, Elizabeth Balais II, who was also present during the handling of assistance, encouraged the victims to be strong and resilient with these difficult times and expressed hope that the aid given would at least lessen the burden they are experiencing.


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