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Gov. Tubban emphasizes importance of upgrading and leveling up to Kalinga police

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga − Governor Ferdinand Tubban recently spoke at a graduation ceremony of Kalinga Police trainees who underwent Criminal Investigation Course this March 29, 2022, emphasizing the need for the police force for continuous learning and upgrading their capabilities to efficiently deliver police services.

‘Saluduak kadakayo nga Class 859 – 2021 gapu iti gagar yo nga agadal ken mangpapintas ti trabaho yo,” said Tubban thru Kalinga Provincial Administrator Atty. William Puday Jr.

Tubban said that he is aware that the work of the police requires not only education but also special skills and abilities or values, and attitudes to be an effective servant and protector of the public.

He mentioned that to be one with the police force, they must be chosen since not all applicants could pass and be accepted, for only those who could make it can finish and graduate.

“Dakayo ket napili. Kayat na saoen, saan kayo a basta-basta. Garud dakkel ti expectations ti tattao kenyayo. Nayun na dayta ti dakkel a responsibilidad. Saan tayo met agadal wennu ag-level up tapno agyan tayo latta iti dati a lebel wennu klase ti trabaho,” he said.

Tubban further stressed that in order to adhere to the mandate of the PNP, which is to protect and serve the people, there is a need to continuously learn and upgrade.

“Dakayo ket nasagat. Kayat na saoen, saan kayo a diay kunkunada nga apagpasa wennu average,” he pointed out.

The governor expressed hope that Class 859 – 2021 will be top investigators and will help in the speedy resolution of cases in Kalinga, assuring them that their participation in creating a safer, better, and more peaceful community is highly valued.

Tubban also encourages the police force not to lose hope and not to lose interest and dedication in their job, emphasizing that one achievement is already a huge help in preventing a crime to happen.

“With your commitment and fulfillment of your sworn duty to serve and protect, the people of Kalinga can be assured to have hope For a Better Today and For a Brighter Tomorrow,” he said.

Tubban concluded his message by congratulating the finishers of the Criminal Investigation Course for their perseverance and their will to complete the course.



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