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Gov. Tubban underscores Tanudan Bridge plays major role in remote areas

Tabuk City, Kalinga – “Tanudan Bridge is truly significant as it makes our lives easier, especially our neighbors who live in the far-flung areas,” Provincial Governor, Engr. Ferdinand B. Tubban said this during the inauguration and blessing of the newly constructed P96 million worth Tanudan Bridge, connecting Tabuk and Banaue roads via Tanudan-Barlig, on November 17, 2021.

The governor underscored that with the construction of Tanudan Bridge, communities in the municipality’s remote areas could now access transport vehicles going down to commercial areas like Tabuk City, eventually making the delivery of their products easier as well as their access to other government services.

Tubban expressed his gratitude to the national government through the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) - Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) director Engr. Khadafy D. Tanggol and to all those who have worked hard in the realization of the said development project.

“Agyaman tayo iti national government through the DPWH family, who come all the way from the region headed by Engr. Khadafy Tanggol ken ti kagagetan ken supportive a congressman tayo, Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang ken ti amin a timmulong iti pannakaipatungpal na daytoy a rangtay tayo,” Tubban stated.

The governor also expressed his congratulations to all the people of Tanudan who supported the project.

“Congrats kadatayo amin karkaro kadagiti kakailyan a taga-Tanudan, daytoy ket haan a naaramid ti gobyerno nu awan ti suporta a nagapu kadakayo,” he said.

He added that with unity and cooperation among the people, they could work together to avail more government projects.

“Nu adda ti urnos a nasayaat, iti panangkita tayo kadagitoy pro-proyekto, tumulong tayo, ket kanayun nga agsarsarunon tu ti projects tayo. Ket ti challenge kadatayo is on how we are going to sustain dagitoy a project nga it-ited ti gobyerno,” the governor challenged.


'yTanudans’ dream of having roads, bridges now being realized' – Congressman Mangaoang

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