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  • Ivan Wandag

Granny wins TAMPCO’s monthly draw this May

Tabuk City, Kalinga- The winner of TAMPCO’s monthly draw for this month of May is Ms. Anita B. Ande, a 70-year-old lady from Gen. Luna St., Magsaysay.

Anita was before an employee of Kalinga Provincial Hospital as nutritionist and dietitian. She retired when she was 62 years old in 2013. Now, she’s a full-time housewife and a ‘taong bahay.’

In a phone interview, she enthusiastically narrated how lucky she was to win this month’s draw because of all people who managed to get a lot of tickets like her husband, it only took her three tickets to win.

“Swerte nak kunak garud kanyana ta agasem diay raffle ticket na (her husband) nagado nga finil fill up an na, nagado adda siguro ti 40,” she narrated still with her enthusiasm.

According to Anita, she has been a member of the cooperative for almost six years now, and thankful that there is a cooperative like TAMPCO.

“As a member, nagado met ti naitultulong na, daytoy pinagmem- myembro tayo kadagita ta isu ti tumarayan tayo nu adda pakasapulan, ta haan met nga kankanayon nga adda kwarta, adda met latta diay panangkasapul ken panakagipitan nu dadduma dakkel nga tulong daytoy coop,” Anita said.

Anita won 2,500 pesos which, she said, is already a huge help for the daily expenses.


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