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‘If we want to be Great leaders, we should live like them’ – SK Tabuk Pres. Duyan to the youth

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Sangguniang Kabataan Tabuk Federation President Juan Thomas Duyan, during the Student Camp 2022 at the Kalinga National High School on April 29, reminded those in the youth sector that great leaders sacrifice and set examples.

In his message, Duyan emphasized that becoming a leader is not easy as it requires preparation, training oneself, and hard work.

“Remember great leaders are those who have given great sacrifices and great examples. If we want to be like them, we should live like them,” he stressed.

In his discourse, Duyan highlighted three main points that he believes are key factors in the making of a leader.

Leadership begins with oneself

The SK Tabuk Federation President pointed out that, first, leadership starts with oneself, and himself should be his first follower.

“Nu kunam nga agadal nak a nalaing tapno makalpasak ti eskwela ken matulungak ni mama ken papa, then do it. Follow yourself. Problem is that many of us forget this basic principle. We lead others but we forget to lead ourselves. Isu nga nu napukaw tayo, pati followers tayo ket napukaw da metten,” he explained, adding that leading oneself requires discipline, training, sacrifice, formation of habit, and acquisition of more knowledge.

Leadership is following others

Another point Duyan mentioned is following those who show the way to become a better person and a better leader.

“Agpayso, nalaing tayo, nagaget tayo, the best tayo, but we cannot know everything, and we are not perfect. Gapu ti kinaubing tayo, even we have a lot of knowledge, we lack wisdom and experience,” he said.

Hence, as a good leader, he said that there is a need to know, who to go to, for good advice. These people, he added, are the older ones and other known figures in society who can be a mirror to them.

Duyan further explained that talking with older people and others who have experienced similar things can make the younger ones avoid their mistakes and increase the chances of copying their successes.

Leadership is becoming a good example

As to the third and last key factor in making a good leader, he affirmed that leadership is being a better example. He explained that since leaders have followers, they have to set the best example to influence their constituents into doing good and working hard.

“Isunga laglagipen tayo a dapat better example koma ti biag tayo ken dagiti trabaho tayo tapno dagiti followers tayo ket aramiden da met ket nasayaat nga trabaho,” he stressed.

Duyan concluded his message by hoping that these key points will help the young ones realize the essence of leadership and ignite in them a great leader in the making.

Meantime, Juan Thomas Duyan is vying for a seat at the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Tabuk City this May 9, 2022 elections.


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