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Lubuagan surpasses blood donation drive target this 2021

Lubuagan, Kalinga - The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Lubuagan through its Municipal Health Office (MHO) has informed that they have surpassed their blood donation target for the year 2021.

The target is at least 1% blood collection from its total population to have a ready blood supply in case of emergencies.

Through its collaborative "Donate Blood, Save Life" bloodletting activities for the year 2021, the municipality pushed for more blood donations in July, and on November 29 and December 15.

Lubuagan has collected 39, 46, and 15 bags of blood respectively totaling 100 blood units.

“One percent kasi of the total population of Lubuagan, meaning ay dapat maka-collect kami ng 91 bags annually and we are happy to inform that we have surpassed the target,” said MHO Dr. Caroline Agyao.

Challenges of getting blood donors

Agyao related that they went through challenges to motivate volunteer donors, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. One of their strategies to achieve their goal was to add the activity during the national vaccination days.

MHO Public Associate Nurse Ceasar Manalwap, on the other hand, said that the activity was also made possible with the support of various organisations in the municipality such as the Philippine National Police-Lubuagan, Bureau of Fire Protection-Lubuagan, the Barangay Health Workers, Punong Barangays, Kagawads and all those volunteer yLubuagens from different sectors.

“We are looking forward to our continued partnership in this heroic endeavor in raising awareness of the need for quality and safe blood,” Manalwap expressed on behalf of the MHO.

Manalwap said anyone aged 18 to 65 years old and willing can donate blood, but he or she must at least be 50 kilos, physically and mentally fit, and has no fever. Additionally, it is required that 125 grams per liter of hemoglobin are present for females, and 135 grams per liter of hemoglobin for males. Those who have high blood pressure and diabetes are not qualified.

Mayor Charisma Anne Dickpus delighted with the result

In a separate interview, Lubuagan Mayor Charisma Anne Dickpus, lauded the efforts of the health office for achieving its blood collection target emphasizing that it represents yLubuagen’s significant contribution to the call for a voluntary blood donation by the country in accordance with Philippine Republic Act No. 7719, also known as the National Blood Services Act of 1994.

“This is a humanitarian act. The blood donation activity is important as we are making sure that our constituents or patients will see blood every single day throughout the year when they need blood transfusions, especially during emergencies,” she said.


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