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Mayor Malannag orders Balbalan Agriculture Committee to prioritize small-scale hog farmers

Balbalan, Kalinga – More often than not, little attention is given to small-scale farmers in various parts of the municipality, a sentiment of a group of farmer-hog raisers in Balbalan.

During the Municipal Agricultural and Fisheries Council (MAFC) meeting held Wednesday, July 20 at the Municipal Nursery in Barangay Balantoy, a group of small-time hog raisers voiced their concern on the sale of hybrid piglets by the LGU.

According to the Municipal Agriculture Office, hybrid piglets raised by the Municipal Nursery are sold at a lower cost than the private hog raisers.

Municipal Agriculturist Arnel Malaggay, through Balbalan Shines, disclosed that the nursery sells piglets at P2,500 each while private raisers’ price is at P4,000 each.

With the price difference, buying from the nursery helps small-scale hog farmers.

Farmers however said the help don’t go down to them since the piglets at the nursery are usually reserved by the department heads and employees of the local government unit, leaving those in the small-scale groups no choice but to buy from private raisers at a higher price.

The complaint raised by the farmers prompted Mayor Almar Malannag to urge the Municipal Agriculture Committee chaired by Rex Dulansi to pass a measure prioritizing the sector in the sale of hybrid piglets.

As reiterated by Malannag, the hogs being raised by the nursery are intended to aid the production of those small farmers.

He recommended the Municipal Agricultural Services to let the public know when the hogs are already available for purchase.

The office, he added, should set 15 days up to a month for the small farmers to avail of the piglets.

Those in higher income bracket should only avail of the hogs when those belonging in lesser income families failed to buy at a given deadline.


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