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Tinglayan proposed ordinance, “Fachang,” seeks P4,000 annual grant for PWDs

Tinglayan, Kalinga— The plan to provide for P4,000.00 annual financial assistance to persons with disabilities (PWDs) in this town is now up for first reading after Sangguniang Bayan member Bartholome Aboli submitted a proposed ordinance with the aim to help ease the financial constraints of said sector through giving of a grant by the municipal local government.

The proposed ordinance, dubbed as “fachang program” once approved, will benefit 324 PWDs in the municipality whose age ranges from one month old to 59 years old.

“Fachang” is a local term in Tinglayan which can be literally translated as ‘help’.

In an interview, Municipal Information Officer Larae Lactao said that through the proposed ordinance, each recipient will be able to receive P1,000 cash assistance quarterly.

Moreover, Lactao revealed that once the proposed ordinance is approved, this will be implemented immediately.

“Ti plan kuma ket tatta kuma a year a ma-implement diay program. Ti problema lang uray nu ipasa ti SB ket haan a ma-implement nu haan ma-approve diay budget ti Tinglayan tatta a year,” she said, explaining that a problem occurred between the SB members and Vice Mayor Charles Abay, affecting the approval of Tinglayan’s Annual budget for 2022.

In connection with this, the PWD Council and Senior Citizen Council have also convened last week and formulated policies on how to implement the proposed ordinance.

As recalled, the Municipal Council for Persons with Disability chaired by Municipal Mayor Sacrament Gumilab passed a resolution last year requesting the Sangguniang Bayan to create an ordinance necessary for said pursuit, which was later granted by the legislative body.

The resolution was done as a response to the request of some elderlies in Tinglayan to address the needs of PWDs, especially for those who cannot work to provide for themselves.

Meantime, Mayor Gumilab, in a message, stated that the program once implemented is vital in providing support to those who are in need, particularly for the self-sustenance of PWDs.

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