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Young woman in Isabela runs away from home, returns, and ends life

Updated: Jun 21

San Mateo, Isabela - Running away from home might be a sign that a family member is having some problems.

For a young woman in Isabela, she left their house for two days and stayed at her friend’s house. When she returned home, she ended her life hours later.

The victim, whose identity and personal information are withheld, was a resident of San Mateo, Isabela.

Based on police reports, the victim went to her friend and stayed there but was forced to go back home. When she came back, she decided to take her life by hanging herself.

The grandmother related that she left the victim for a while, but when she was back she found her granddaughter already hanging. Several attempts were made to save her, but the victim was not able to survive.

The latter’s family, in an interview with local media, relayed that they have no idea what pushed her to kill herself.

At present, police are conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the suicide.

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