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12-yr.-old found dead inside car in Tabuk City

Updated: Jun 21

Tabuk City, Kalinga – A grade schooler was already in a decomposing state when she was found inside a car on Thursday, June 20, in Nambaran, Tabuk City.


The girl described to be 12 years old and a grade five student was discovered by his uncle around 11:20 a.m. yesterday when he went to search for the source of a foul smell.


Initial investigation of the Tabuk City police revealed that at the said time, the victim’s uncle traced the foul smell to the parked dark Chevrolet where he could see flies and worms swirling inside.


The uncle then called the attention of their neighbor whose son owned the said car, and they proceed to check the vehicle. Right then, the two were welcomed by the sight of a cadaver already in an advanced stage of decomposition.


The mother of the owner of the subject vehicle said his son parked his car at their place on the night of June 16 and left for Balbalan with his wife the following day. She added she also saw the victim buying at their store on the night of June 17.

The father of the victim, meantime, said that her daughter would sometimes leave without asking his permission.


The victim’s family refused to subject the body to an autopsy.

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