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3 Tinglayan barangays under lockdown to control Covid-19 transmission

Tinglayan, Kalinga―Tinglayan Mayor Sacrament Gumilab declared a 15-day lockdown in Barangays Upper, Lower, and Centro Bangad, following a total of 37 COVID-19 positive cases recorded in the municipality from November 22-27.

Mayor Sacrament Gumilab imposed the lockdown this November 23 to the affected barangays after the recommendation from Provincial Inter-agency Task Force (PIATF) to limit the movements of constituents and contain the spread of the virus.

With this, a total of 414 households with more than 2,000 individuals were affected by the lockdown.

Behind the rise in cases

He narrated that there were 2 Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs) recorded as COVID-19 suspects and who were serving their mandatory 14-day quarantine at home.

Unknowingly, the families visited the said individuals when personnel are not around despite the strict observance of the protocols by the LSIs through the health personnel and officials.

When the swabbed results came out for both LSIs, it showed they tested positive of the virus. Upon learning this, the contact tracing team immediately conducted tracing of possible contacts.

Said team traced 35 initial contacts, then out of which, 12 individuals tested positive with the COVID-19.

Another contact tracing is done that resulted to 74 contacts; and 16 individuals from the contacts tested positive of the said virus.

As of today, additional 7 individuals tested positive with the virus bringing a total of 37 active cases of the COVID-19 virus in the municipality.

Meantime, contact tracing is still ongoing and the mentioned individuals were isolated and are now serving their quarantine.

LGU officials and personnel in action

LGU officials led by Mayor Gumilab established checkpoints manned by barangay officials, Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team (BPAT), police and health personnel to monitor the entrance and exit of constituents in the affected barangays.

He also mentioned the food assistance has been delivered prioritizing those individuals and personnel in the isolation units. Later, he said, food packs, rice and canned goods, will be distributed next week for the 414 households.

“Ti kunami nu adda paylang abasto yu nga bassit, iyan anay yun ta ti madama mi nga ikkan ket dagitoy adda ditoy isolation, frontliners nga agbabantay diyay pay ti supsupply an ti LGU tatta then ti ayuda ti households, ket ti panpanunuten mi nga mayat sa laengen nga bagas ti ited mi ken canned goods tapno nalaka, ta nu basibassit isu ka pay nga taktak,” he uttered.

In addition, the PIATF has assured assistance to provide the needs of the affected families.

Mayor Gumilab to constituents

Gumilab reiterated to all residents especially those individuals who are coming into the municipality to follow strictly the health protocols as this is their obligation for the safety not only for themselves but also for the community.

“Ti maibagak ken dagitoy kakailyan tayo nga taga Tinglayan, ken amin nga taga Kalinga sapay kuma ta agserbi daytoy nga lesson kadatayo, pagsarmingan kuma nga datayo metlang nga tao ti agar aramid ti problema, datayo metlang mismo ti mang aramid ti mangprevent ti COVID-19,” he uttered.

Gumilab, about the sudden rise of Covid-19, said he takes full responsibility together with the officials and asks for the strong cooperation of the constituents in fighting against the virus.

“Diyay nga sumrek diay kunkunada nga one for all, all for one, uray maymaysa ka nga nagkamali, mairaman ti amin nga kaadwan sunga dapat diay personal interest tayo dapat isacrifice tayo dayta dapat panunutem iti pagsay atan ti kailyan,” he said.


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