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Appas Brgy. Captain aims for another term with Comprehensive Governance Agenda

Tabuk City, Kalinga - With his commitment to community development, incumbent Barangay Captain of Appas, Steve “Yoyong” Gayyad, has announced his call and passion for progress as he vies for the same position.

In an interview, Gayyad unveiled his platform that focuses on key governance thrusts aimed at transforming the barangay into a thriving and inclusive haven for its residents.

“Para iti barangay tayo, adda dagitoy platapormak nga sipupuso ak nga mangaramid tapnu mas maiturong tayo iti Appas iti progreso. Maibinsa-binsa dagitoy ket mamati ak nga mapagbalin ko dagitoy babaen ti suporta dagiti kabaranggayan tayo. Dagitoy ket naplano, nairugi ken itultuloy tayo para kadagiti amin nga residents iti Barangay Appas,” Gayyad shared.

At the heart of his platform are projects and programs that address pressing issues, including education, public health, elderly care, agriculture, environmental sustainability, and local business support.


Recognizing that education is the cornerstone of community growth, Gayyad promises to advocate for improved educational facilities and access to quality learning resources by planning to put up Day-Care centers that nurture the young minds of the barangay.

Public Health

Prioritizing the well-being of the community, Gayyad is committed to enhancing healthcare access, implementing public health campaigns, and ensuring that every resident has access to essential health services, promoting a healthier, happier barangay.

“Ammo tayo met ti napasamak idi CoVid pandemic, ket dayta ti eye-opener haan laeng nga kadagiti tattao nu di ket kanyami met laeng nga opisyales isu nga kayat tayo nga i-priority dagiti anya man nga programa maipapan iti health,” he related.

Elderly Care

To honor the wisdom and experience of the elderly citizens, Gayyad plans to improve elderly care services and facilities, ensuring that senior members of the community receive the respect and support they rightfully deserve.

“Haan tayo nga lipatan dagiti elders tayo, dagiti lolo ken lola tayo. Isu da iti pundansyon nu apay adda tayo amin ita ditoy nga langa tayo. Ken nu ar-arigem ket, amin tayo ngay ket lumakay ken bumaket ket addan to tiyempo nga marikna tayo dagita rikriknaen da. Isu nga tatta pay laeng, datayo met iti mangipakita iti ayat tayo kanyada,” he emphasized.


Acknowledging the crucial role of agriculture in the barangay's economy, Gayyad aims to champion the cause of local farmers saying that “nalawa iti talon iti Appas ken adu iti farmers tayo ditoy, isu da iti maysa gapu na nu apay nga adda latta kanen tayo nga inaldaw-aldaw”, endorsing sustainable farming practices by planning to engage with concerned agencies, and working towards food security for all residents.


With a commitment to preserving the barangay's natural beauty and resources, Gayyad said he will lead efforts to protect the environment, promoting eco-friendly policies and green initiatives that ensure a sustainable future for his constituents.

“Maiggiddan iti progreso – kaspangarigan iti imprastraktura, haan tayo dapat a malipatan nga aywanan iti aglawlaw tayo kas iti environment, ti nature. Adda plano tayo tapnu malappedan tayo met dagiti polusyon ti danum ken karkaru dagiti panagmanehar dagiti basura,” he shared.

Local Businesses

Recognizing that local businesses are the lifeblood of the community, Gayyad said he will implement policies that foster economic growth, create job opportunities, and nurture a supportive ecosystem for local entrepreneurship.

“Kayat tayo kuma met nga nu adda man magatang, ket adda laeng ditoy area tayo uray nu dagiti basic laeng, adda laeng dita abay tayo, saan tayon nga umadayo karkaru nu emergency. Isu nga protektaran tayo dagitoy nga local business ditoy,” he related.

Steve Gayyad said that residents can look forward to a barangay that thrives in education, health, elderly support, agriculture, environmental sustainability, and local business prosperity through his honest platform. He said his campaign is poised to bring about a brighter and more promising future, one that caters to the diverse needs and aspirations of the community.

"Ti panangtaripatu wenno panangiyalikaka iti komyunidad iraman na iti agpunonan iti edukasyon wenno adal, salun-at, ken iti pagsayaatan dagiti nataengan nga umili. Saklawen na met laeng daytoy iti panang suportar kadagiti mannalon, panang salaknib iti aglawlaw ken panangpasayaat kadagiti babassit nga negosyo. Iti panagmaymaysa tayo, mapatibker ken mapadur-as tayo iti masakbayan para iti kaaduan," he concluded.



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