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Man in Tabuk who fired gun charged with 4 cases

Tabuk City, Kalinga – A man in the city is now facing four different cases after he was reported to the police for discharging his firearm in the neighborhood in Purok Bangad, Barangay Nambaran on Wednesday, October 6.

These cases include Alarm and Scandal in relation to Republic Act 10591 or the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act, Violation of Omnibus Election Code, Resistance and Disobedience to person in Authority, and Grave Threat and Malicious Mischief.

Kalinga Police Provincial Office, in a press release, reported that the initial police investigation revealed that a store owner heard several gunfires, prompting her to go out and check what was going on. It was then she saw the suspect, whose name was not released holding a gun.

When the suspect saw her, the former approached her saying, ‘agpulong ka iti police’ and pointed his gun at her.

Fortunately, a neighbor saw the incident and intervened, telling the suspect, ‘tultulungan na diay anak ko agaramid ti module.’ After saying this, she assisted the store owner to get inside.

The suspect left them alone and went to another house to tell the owner they were going to practice using the gun. However, the wife of the owner pleaded with the suspect to go home. The suspect obeyed, but he fired his gun outside.

Further, the suspect again went to another house where he again fired his gun.

This circumstance prompted the citizen to call for police assistance, and when the responding SWAT personnel arrived, they heard the gunfire. When the police with the barangay officials proceeded to the place where the sound came from, a barangay kagawad saw the sling bag the suspect was trying to hide from them.

Recovered from the suspect includes a pistol Colt Caliber 45, 3 pieces of magazine, 9 live ammunitions and other documents. Apart from this, the police recovered 8 empty shells at the place of the incident.

The suspect was arrested and was brought to the police station.



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