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Tinglayan Police Chief hopeful with whole government approach to stop Marijuana cultivation

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Tinglayan, Kalinga – Tinglayan Chief of Police remains hopeful that the cultivation of marijuana some areas in the mountains of the municipality shall be totally eradicated, if not greatly reduced through the whole government approach, whereby various line agencies and the local government unit come together to provide alternative livelihood, projects and programs in areas with Marijuana plantations.

Police Captain Luis Bulao admitted that the growing of the illegal weed became the source of livelihood of some people in the area.

In his presentation during a convergence meeting held in the municipality on October 20, 2022, he said marijuana plantation sites are concentrated in the mountains Chumancil (Sumangchil), Kasablutan, Bitullayungan, and Chalanap.

Scattered and small plantation sites are also found in Barangays Bugnay, Buscalan, Ngibat, and Tulgao West, Bulao added.

According to Bulao, the advent of marijuana in Tinglayan was in the late 70s and it was allegedly introduced by foreigners.

The Chief of Police mentioned that the community did not really want to cultivate the illegal weed, but they were enticed by the earnings they could make without having to travel as buyers come to them.

Bulao explained that planting agricultural products and selling them to the market is ‘burdensome’ and ‘impractical’ to the people with limited farm-to-market roads. Likewise, the people couldn’t venture into an alternative livelihood due to limited knowledge and skills development on food processing and other works needing some technology.

“This is the livelihood (marijuana cultivation) that could sustain their needs. Hence, many were imprisoned with the illusion of the ‘green gold’ as the means to progress even if it costs their freedom,” Bulao explained.

In order to address the almost 5-decade-old problem of marijuana cultivation, the Police Chief suggested the need for a ‘whole of government approach’ through an information campaign, proper education of the people, and introduction of alternative livelihood programs and agri-infrastructure projects.


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