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‘Public needs to be educated on venomous snakes’ – family of kid bitten by pit viper

Besao, Mt. Province – The family of a 7-year-old who was bitten by a venomous snake in Besao wants the public to be educated on how to handle and avoid these dangerous serpents.

The kid was believed to have been bitten by a pit viper. It is a highly poisonous specie and destroys red blood cells, causing swelling, hemorrhage, or death of a body tissue. If left untreated, the bite would cost the victim his limb or worse, it could lead to death.

It is estimated that around 250 victims die of snake bites every year in the Philippines, in which, some cases are caused by pit vipers.

It was noted that this reptile has a great ability to camouflage. Though they are generally not aggressive, they would attack if provoked.

According to the 7-year-old’s uncle, Luno Dayucong, in his interview with Bombo Radyo Baguio, the boy was attacked by the pit viper when he touched a bamboo while they’re on the mountain to harvest coffee beans.

The victim didn’t notice the snake on the bamboo as it blended with the tree, until it bit him.

He was rushed to the nearest hospital, but was later brought to Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center where he received treatment and is currently recovering.

Last month, the kid’s grandfather was also bitten by a pit viper where he required bllod transfusion. The grandpa is now in a stable condition and out of the hospital.

With these instances in Besao, Dayucong and their family are asking for an Information Education Campaign (EIC) that would educate the public on how to avoid venomous snakes and on how to apply ‘first aid’ should anyone get bitten by them.



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