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yApayao singer joins Top 16 in The Voice Norway

Updated: May 8, 2023

A singer from Apayao is now gearing up for the live shows of The Voice Norway on April 28 after advancing to the top 16.

Leonardo “LJ” Amorsolo Jr. who was raised in Malama, Conner, Apayao but currently staying and working in Oslo, Norway will be performing on said date along with 15 other artists to determine who will make it to the top 8 of the competition.

Two days before the live broadcast, LJ told GURU Press Cordillera that among his preparations include practicing a lot and working out to help him calm himself and release his nerves.

When asked what the viewers can expect from his performance this coming Friday, LJ said it is going to be different from the previous rounds.

“It will be a little different from my past performances, it’s more like showing the other side of me tho it’s still gonna be me if that makes sense. I’m gonna give you a show in short,” he disclosed.

Advancing to Top 16 feels like a dream and unreal to LJ who said, “I feel that all my hard work have been paid off from the last rounds. It feels surreal being in the top 16 because there are too many great talents here in Norway.”

While the competition is intense, this didn’t discourage the 26-year-old singer, instead it pushed him to work harder.

Continuing Delayed Dream

LJ narrated it’s always been his dream to be a professional singer that’s why he decided to join The Voice Norway to continue his ‘delayed’ dream in the Philippines.

“I have always been dreaming to be a professional singer and I guess I am a step closer to it now. No matter what the result will be, I have gone so far already and this is just the start,” he conveyed.

The singer shared this is his second time auditioning at one of the prestigious singing competitions in the world. Due to some personal reasons, he didn’t push through with his audition in 2022.

To vote for LJ

To those who can vote particularly the ones who are in Norway, you may support LJ and help him get to top 8 by making an account at and by voting for him through said site on Friday, April 28 at 8:00 p.m.

Advancing to the top 8 now depends on public votes.


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