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414 households affected by lockdown in Tinglayan receive food assistance

Tinglayan, Kalinga – The Local Government of Tinglayan distributed food packs today to over 414 households affected by the 15-day lockdown imposed in Barangays Upper, Lower, and Centro Bangad which started last week, November 23, 2020.

Relief goods distributed came from private individuals in the province, Barangay LGUs in the municipality, and the City LGU of Tabuk. The Provincial LGU through the PSWD office also delivered over 500 family food packs.

As a response, Mayor Sacrament Gumilab, in an interview, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the individuals and LGUs who extended their help to affected families of barangays under lockdown in his jurisdiction.

“We are very thankful… ti LGU Tinglayan ket maragsakan unay ta adda kayu nga summuport ta nu maymaysa talaga ti LGU Tinglayan ket han tayu masustain daytuy, dakkel ti kwarta nga mausar dituy kasi extended lockdown ti mangmangyari idiay Bangad. Thank you very much ket daytuy ugali tayu dituy Kalinga nga agmaymaysa,daytuy ugali tayu nga finnachang ket sapay kuma ta ar-aramiden tayu nga kanayun,” Gumilab said.

The mayor shared that MLGU Tinglayan has prepared food assistance as they have procured relief goods amounting to Php 1,000,000.00, but then decided to reserve them for distribution after the first wave of help has been consumed.

“Nu maidispose am-amin dagituy nga relief goods nga sumsumrek dituy Tinglayan, samintu ipan ti bagin ti munisipyo. anyway, ti munisipyo ti mngkitkita iti welfare dagiti tattao ken adayu pai daytuy nga lockdown so iresreserve pailang ti LGU ti tulung tayo kadagituy tao,” he said.

He then assured that there is a continuous allocation of funds from the MLGU budget to give aid to constituents affected by the lockdown.

As told by him, MLGU Tinglayan earlier purchased medical equipment including PPEs, swab testing kits and other materials needed for Covid-19 concerns and are expected to be delivered today.

Covid-19 patients in the municipality according to Gumilab are all asymptomatic and are under isolation. As of now, there are 51 active cases in the municipality.

The mayor is also advising his constituent in the barangays locked down not to panic saying, “Dagituy kakailyan nga nalockdown, han kayu nga agdanag, do not panic kasi the situation is under control, amin met, dagituy contact tayo ket nakaisolate so nothing to worry. Ti aramiden yu lang suruten tayu iti health protocols dituy nga lockdown tapnu han nga agspread pay daytuy nga Covid.”

“The LGU is doing its best to help you in overcoming this crisis. Ti kailangan yu adda met nga sumupsupport ti LGU, iti makan man ken dagituy kailangan ket adda dituy munisipyo tayu,” he added.

It may be noted that the rise of Covid-19 cases in the municipality sparked when relatives of 2 Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs) recorded as COVID-19 suspects who were later found positive of the virus secretly visited them.

Relatives and other contacts were then found out to be positive of the virus after a series of contact tracing was done.



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