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‘Ti paggapwan ti problema ti balay nu mamingsan ket lallaki...kitan tayo ti pagmayatan’-Dagadag

Tanudan, Kalinga – Being a father and husband himself, Mayor Jaedicke Rhoss Dagadag enjoined men to always think of what is best for their wives and children.


During the culminating activity of the 18-day campaign to end violence against women on December 12, 2023, the mayor stated that some of the violence being experienced at home is caused by men.


“Apay ngata nga all male iti participants tatta? Ammu yu ti paggapwan ti problema gamin nu maminsan ket lallaki, nu maminsan ti problema ti balay ket lalaki iti maggapwan na. Dagiay ar-aramiden da nga madi – i-violate da dagiay rights iti asawa da, ubbing da nga babbai, ken amin nga ubbing da,” he said.


He also cited that hurting a wife by cheating on her is also a form of cruelty.


“Masaktam met iti rikna iti baket mo. Mas nasaksakit pay iti agbabai ka nu diay masipat mo bassit kada, mas nasaksakit pay diay saktam iti rikna na,” he emphasized.


The mayor further stressed that violence should be avoided, and instead of harming and hurting women and kids, men should take care of their families and think of what is best for them.


“Datayo nga lallaki kitan tayo iti pagmayatan latta iti pamilya tayo. Kitan tayo dagiay maikaniwas nga aramid ta haan tayo nga ar-aramiden,” he underscored.


The mayor concluded his message by saying that no husband or wife is perfect, but what matters is that one has learned from their mistakes and changed for the better.


“Amin siguro nga pamilya or agasawa ket adda pagbiddutan ti maysa ket uray man nu kasdiay ti importante ket sincere isuna nga nagbaliwm” he said.


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